What is Sex Addiction?

Although there are many definitions of sex addiction, it can be described as any sexual behaviour which becomes compulsive and repetative, interfering with the individual’s normal life, causing stress and tension in relationships with family and loved ones, and affecting their work environment.

It all stems from sufferers trying to compensate for something missing in their lives, like seeking comfort after being abandoned by someone they loved.

Addicts use sex to compensate for something in their lives which is missing. To treat it, they need to identify the trigger – go back to the root cause. Only then can addicts begin the road to recovery.

Tools that Really Work! (Testimonial)

“Grace Online has helped me in so many ways; not just in becoming sober from destructive sexual behaviour, but also in growing into a healthier person in general – to connect better with my emotions and deal with it in healthier ways. I have tried many avenues in my battle against sex addiction, but I have found none to be as beneficial to me as the Grace Online program. Because Grace Online offers tools that really work, all that is needed is the commitment to make it work. One of the most liberating experiences in my life has been joining Grace Online – there I found that I’m not alone in my struggle and I found the strength to come out of the shadows and speak about my struggle with other men who have been on the same journey and in doing so I have found incredible support, without which I could not have done it.”


Support and Hope (Testimonial)

Joining the group sessions is the best thing that has happened to me. It was intimidating at first to interact with total strangers and having to share my deepest thoughts, fears and feelings. The greatest positive for me is that it introduced me to a group of great guys willing to go the extra mile in their recovery. It made me feel supported and provided hope that I am not alone in this journey. At last, I have found a place where I can let my guard down and connect with other strugglers like me and most importantly, men who are willing to stretch out their hands and help a brother out.

The Best Thing that Could Happen to Me (Testimonial)

“For more than 30 years I’ve been a slave to satan’s world of pornography. Throughout this period, I tried numerous times to break free, but satan’s mighty reign over this world repeatedly pulled me back into his claws of perversion. I begged our all mighty God to save me, for I knew I was bound to end up in hell. God miraculously orchestrated events resulting in my path to cross with Kennith. Ever since, for more than a year now, I’m living a free life from pornography and I’m not looking back. I now have purpose in life, a reason to live. I’m still struggling with the devastation my addiction caused in my life, but with Kennith’s guidance, support and the purposeful recovery program, it is now possible for me to clean up the mess, stay clean and live a life God intended me to live.”

Could you be Addicted? Signs Include:

  1. Do you think your behaviour is getting out of control?

  2. Do you struggle to keep focus on day to day tasks because you are preoccupied with your sexual thoughts or activities?

  3. Do sexual thoughts constantly enter your mind?

  4. Has your behaviour or activities put stress on your family life, relationships or work?

  5. Have you contracted a STD due to the sexual behaviour and activities you have engaged in?

Any One of the Above may be an Indication that you Could Benefit from this Program!

You are Not Alone Anymore!

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